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Maintenance Plans

Cleveland, TN's Top Proactive Maintenance Plans for HVAC Systems

We want your heating and air conditioning systems to operate at peak efficiency for as long as possible. That’s why we believe it is so important to enroll in our proactive and preventive maintenance plans. With these plans, an experienced technician will come to your home once or twice annually to ensure all of your systems are working properly. The biggest advantage to these maintenance programs is preventing unnecessary, costly, and unexpected repairs down the road when you need your systems the most.

What Will Our Maintenance Programs Include?

Our maintenance program starts at $200 for the first system with $100 for each additional system. This includes two maintenance visits per year, one during the heating season and one during the cooling season.

During each maintenance visit, we:

  • Verify proper thermostat setup and operation
  • Verify proper mechanical system operation
  • Verify proper electrical system operation
  • Verify proper safety system operation
  • Verify system airflow
  • Verify proper motor operation and amperage draw
  • Verify system capacitors are reading within range and operating properly
  • Check relays, switches, and other controls
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Provide customer with report detailing overall system performance

On AC visits we will also:

  • Verify proper refrigerant levels
  • Perform electronic refrigerant leak search
  • Clean indoor coil following manufacturer’s recommended procedures
  • Flush condensate drain and confirm it is draining properly
  • Remove any debris from the compressor compartment
  • Clean outdoor coil following manufacturer’s recommended procedures

On heat visits we will also:

  • Clean burners and burner compartment (F)
  • Clean flame sensor (F)
  • Clean igniter when applicable (F)
  • Confirm that supply and manifold gas pressures are within range (F)
  • Perform flue gas analysis to confirm safe and efficient operation (F)
  • Confirm proper flue draft when applicable (F)
  • Confirm auxiliary heaters are operating properly (HP)
  • Confirm that defrost control board is operating properly (HP)
  • Confirm that defrost sensor is operating properly (HP)
  • Confirm that reversing valve is operating properly (HP)

(F) = Furnace (HP) = Heat Pump

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