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Ductless Systems

Ductless AC Solutions for Residents in Cleveland, TN & Beyond

If you live in a home with no ductwork, or your current ac system doesn’t reach throughout your entire home, Brackin Heating and Air offers ductless AC systems to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year round.

Ductless AC System installation from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

What is a Ductless AC System?

Say goodbye to those window units and centralized air conditioners and make way for a revolutionary, energy-efficient ductless AC unit. This system uses an outside condensing unit to cool air and delivers it to your home through wall or ceiling mounted blowers. Several of these blowers can be placed around your home attached to the same single condensing unit to effectively cool separate rooms or zones of your home.

ductless hvac system from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

What are the Advantages of a Ductless HVAC System?

There are four primary advantages to installing a ductless heating and cooling system.

1. Efficiency: Typically, ductless systems are an efficient HVAC solution because they immediately deliver cool air rather than requiring the air to travel through ductwork to get to the proper room. This allows it to maintain a cooler temperature and use less energy in the process.

2. Better Temperature Control: Ductless systems allow for better zone heating and cooling control. Because of how ductless systems work, homeowners are able to set up different and specific temperatures in up to four different rooms or zones of their home.

3. Size and Aesthetic: Ductless systems are smaller and can be much more attractive than installing ductwork throughout your home.

4. Less Expensive: Because these systems don’t require ductwork, these systems are generally less expensive to maintain over traditional heating and cooling systems.

If you are still wondering if a ductless system is right for your home, contact our truncated technicians by calling us or filling out the lead form below to discuss your HVAC options. Brackin Heating and Air also has a variety of financing options for you to explore that make the installation of your ductless AC system more affordable. 

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ductless condenser installation from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

Where is the Best Place to Install a Ductless AC System?

Because of the nature of the system, ductless air conditioning units are ideal for any home that doesn’t have ductwork in it already, or in cases where ductwork doesn’t adequately deliver warm or cool air. Our clients often come to us needing temperature control in their garage, new home addition, or simply rooms of their home where it is difficult to maintain an ideal temperature. Our trusted HVAC technicians will examine your home and determine the best point of entry for your new blowers and install your ductless condenser outside of your home. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your new ductless AC system and to discuss your financing options!

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Ductless AC System Repairs and Maintenance from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

We Take Care of All Your Ductless AC System Repairs and Maintenance

If your system is acting up or the identified zones of your home have difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature, we can help. Our team is specially trained to identify issues with ductless systems and resolve problems quickly. Proper maintenance is critical when it comes to keeping your system operating at peak efficiency so when you sign up for our maintenance plans, we check your entire system at least once a year to ensure everything is working properly and help you avoid unexpected costs and discomfort. We also offer later service hours at no additional cost as well as emergency service for when you need us most, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel your system isn’t operating as it should.

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