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Air Conditioning

Efficient AC Repair and Installation Services in Cleveland, TN

If your air conditioning system seems to be failing you, rely on Brackin Heating and Air for fast AC repairs and maintenance. Our technicians have studied HVAC professionally and know the ins and outs of virtually any air conditioning system, allowing us to fix your cooling issues quickly.

AC Repair from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

Brackin Heating and Air Offers Fast, Affordable AC Repairs and Late Service Hours

Since we are open until 8PM Monday- Saturday, we are able to repair your air conditioning systems at a time that best fits into your schedule. With financing available to new and existing customers, we help make your AC repairs and new system installations more affordable so your family can feel comfortable quicker.

Residents of Bradley County often call us because:

  • Their AC unit won’t turn on
  • They hear strange noises coming from their system, especially when turning on or off
  • Warm air is being pushed through the system
  • Their unit is humming but the fan doesn’t turn on
  • The fan works, but the compressor isn’t running
  • Water is pooling at the bottom of the air conditioner
  • And more

Brackin technicians are capable of repairing all of these issues and more quickly to restore your family’s comfort during the warmer seasons. These issues can occur for many reasons and our team is trained to investigate them all until we find a solution to the problem. Contact us today to request a free AC repair estimate by calling us or filling out the lead form below.

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AC replacement from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

When is it Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

New air conditioners are sometimes necessary to keep you home at a comfortable temperature. Before we recommend that you replace your current AC system, we take into account several things, including the age of the system, the investment costs, and even your utility rates. Generally, a system that is older than 10 years old tends to have more issues simply due to the length of use. Although things like preventive maintenance and timely repairs can help to prolong this lifespan, there comes a time when it doesn’t make sense to keep repairing a unit. When this happens, our technicians will work with you and our manufacturers to find the best new AC system to replace your old one. We’ll also explore more energy-efficient options to help you save money and resources with your new system.

Brackin will handle all of the new air conditioner installation and ensure it is working properly before we leave your home. Contact us to discuss your AC system replacement needs with one of our experienced HVAC technicians today.

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ac maintenance from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

Prolong Your AC System with Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance programs are the best way to ensure your air conditioner lasts as long as possible. During our annual or semi annual maintenance visit, we will come to your home ahead of the warmer months to ensure that your entire system is operating properly. With our thorough inspection, we will provide you a detailed report of potential issues with your air conditioner and tackle them before they become a bigger issue. This preventative maintenance can save you from unexpected, costly repairs and also ensures that your family is never uncomfortable without air conditioning. To learn more about our affordable maintenance programs, visit our Maintenance Programs page.

Learn More About Maintenance Programs