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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Systems in Cleveland, TN

Indoor air quality is especially important these days as we navigate through viruses and deal with seasonal allergies. By having our trusted and trained HVAC technicians test your indoor air quality, we can identify ways to improve it to ensure you and your family are breathing cleaner, healthier air throughout your home.

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Why is it Important to Test Your Indoor Air Quality?

Heating and cooling systems, especially those with ductwork, can trap bacteria, dust, molds, and more in a vicious cycle that flows from room to room in your home. This means you could be breathing in the same contaminants each time you turn your furnace, heat pump, or AC system on. By testing the quality of air in your home, we can identify potential solutions to give you cleaner, healthier air. These solutions can be simpler than you may think. To talk to one of our professionals about your IAQ options, call our phone number or fill out the lead form below to request a free indoor air quality consultation today.

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What are My Options for Better Indoor Air Quality?

Simply replacing air filters in your furnace or AC unit can make a big difference. Filters are meant to trap those contaminants, but when they go unchanged for more than three to four months, they lose their ability to properly filter the air coming through the system. Air duct cleanings have shown to be highly effective and should be done at least once a year to ensure the air flowing through your ductwork isn’t distributing particles such as molds and bacteria throughout your home. Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers can also be effective solutions for cleaning the air in your home. Most recently, installing UVC and UVV lights have proven to be effective at killing contaminants and pollutants in the circulated air as well.

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