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Heat Pumps

Professional Heat Pump Installation and Repairs in Your Cleveland, TN

Heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice for heating and cooling your home due to their efficient and eco-friendly nature, and the fact that they can double as an air conditioning system, saving homeowners money and energy sources such as natural gas, fuel oil, and even wood.

heat pump repair from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

Heat Pumps are Becoming a Popular Choice for Residents of Cleveland, TN

Heat pumps are unique in that they are able to control the temperature in cooler and warmer months. In the winter, the pump will extract heat from the ground or air outside (yes, even when it’s cold) and uses it to warm your home. In the summer, this process is reversed and heat is pulled from inside of your home and pushed outdoors.

Although most commonly found in southern states, heat pumps are growing in popularity as you move north. In Tennessee, many homeowners are choosing to install a new heat pump over a new furnace.

See if a Heat Pump is Right for You

heat pump installation from Brackin Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN

Rely on Brackin Heating and Air for Professional Heat Pump Installation

The primary difference between a heat pump and a furnace is that a furnace relies on a heating cycle to keep your home comfortable during winter months, and sits dormant in the summer. Heat pumps use renewable energy to regulate temperature no matter what time of year it is and also help with controlling the humidity in your home.

There are two kinds of heat pumps to choose from.

Air-Source Heat Pumps: this kind of heat pump does not use fuel to operate, but rather relies on the air itself for heat and runs it through your home. This is also the type of heat pumps that can double as an air conditioner because it has a reverse valve for warmer seasons. Even though they use electricity to operate, they are efficient because rather than producing heat, they simply transfer it to and from you home.

Geothermal Heat Pumps: By extracting energy from underground, these air pumps are able to distribute heat in an energy-efficient way. Although these types of systems are more expensive to install, they are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and requires less maintenance than your typical furnace. This kind of heat pump can even poser an electric water heater if needed.

Brackin offers heat pump installation of either type in your Bradley County home in many cases in just a single afternoon. If you have questions about whether a heat pump is a smart decision for your home or if you want to know what financing options are available to you for new heat pump installations, contact us today to discuss it and receive a free estimate for installation.

Contact Brackin for Heat Pump Installation

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We Service Heat Pumps Throughout Cleveland, TN

If you are experiencing issues with an already installed heat pump, we are here to help. With a deep understanding of how heat pumps work, the professionals at Brackin can have your system up and running in no time. We often have heat pump repair parts stocked on our trucks so we can offer same day fixes. In the instances where we are unable to fix your heat pump on the same day, we ensure a team member is able to be back out with the necessary parts as quickly as possible so your family doesn’t have to suffer through uncomfortable temperatures. Request a free service estimate today by calling our office or filling out the lead form below.

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